In September 2023, the United Nations Global Compact launched the “Forward Faster” initiative, a global call to action aimed at its participating companies, to invite them to accelerate progress in advancing the 17 Global Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda and set ambitious and measurable targets in five key action areas: climate action; gender equality; living wage; water resilience; finance & investment.

“Forward Faster" is a global platform, which was created to be a reference point for companies and to provide them with best practices and examples of action, resources and operational tools useful for implementing a sustainable business strategy. The initiative aims to increase accountability and transparency by calling for companies to publicly declare their commitments and highlight the actions they will undertake to meet the targets. Companies committing to the targets will be required to report on progress annually to the UN Global Compact.

» All UN Global Compact participating companies are invited to visit the Forward Faster website and declare their commitment on one or more action areas.

» For more information about the five areas and the commitments required, please read the Action Guides and the Frequently Asked Questions.

» To join the “Forward Faster” initiative, contact points of companies participating in the UNGC must fill out the form available on the dedicated website.