All the Italian organizations, whether business or non-business, adhering to the UN Global Compact can participate (as "Recipients") in the program activities proposed annually by the UN Global Compact Network Italy (local network).

In addition, each of them can apply on a voluntary basis to the Board of Directors of UN Global Compact Network Italy to become “Founder Members”, in order to gain also a role at the local network governance level. According to the Statute, the Board of Directors of the Network has the responsibility and the task of evaluating the applications received for the status of "Founder Member" of UNGCN Italy (approving or declining them for proven reasons of incompatibility).

» Regarding the business organizations, the possible acquisition of the additional status of "Founding Member" of UNGCN Italy does not foresee any further financial obligations, beyond those associated with the international membership on the basis of the UN Global Compact Business Model.

» Regarding the non-business organizations, UN Global Compact does not require the payment of any financial contribution related to membership in the global initiative. However, they will be required to financially support the local network if the organization acquires "Founder Member" status.

For a more in-depth look at the local governance system, read the UNGCN Italy Statute (available in Italian only).