The Network actively participates in the meeting organized as part of the UN Global Compact at European and international level for a continuous update on sustainability topics and a discussion of the issues of mayor interest. If possible, the Italian Network contributes to the success of the meetings, presenting their experience at the national level, any best practices implemented by Italian participating organizations and sharing their theoretical and practical knowledge on sustainability themes.

Main events in which the Italian Network participates on an annual basis, are:

Annual Local Network Forum

Since 2003, an annual meeting of Local Networks has been convened to bring Local Network Representatives and company representatives together to share experiences, learn from each other and network. Following the comprehensive governance review of the UN Global Compact in 2004 and given the growing importance of Local Networks and their annual meeting, the UN Secretary-General decided to elevate the status of the meeting and its role in the initiative by making it a formal component of the UN Global Compact's multi-centric governance framework. The annual meeting is now termed the Annual Local Networks Forum.

Regional Meetings for Network Contact Persons

Since 2006, Regional Meetings for Local Networks have been convened to provide UN Global Compact Contact Persons and other members of the Network Steering Committees with an opportunity to learn from the achievements of other Networks and to share experiences on the processes and issues relevant within the regional context. Set apart from the learning exchange that occurs at the Annual Local Network Forum, the more informal Regional Meetings provide opportunities to discuss regional challenges and opportunities as well as to identify potential regional approaches and joint activities.

For further information about the Annual Local Network Forum and the Regional Meetings for Network Contact Persons, click here

In addiction, every three years, the Network participates in the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit, which gathers of the top executives of all UN Global Compact participants and other stakeholders. As the largest gathering of its kind, the Leaders Summit represents a unique opportunity for UN Global Compact participants to discuss the initiative, its principles, and corporate citizenship at the highest level, and to produce strategic recommendations and action imperatives related to the future evolution of the UN Global Compact. More broadly, the Leaders Summit aims to deepen the commitment of participating leaders from business, labour and civil society to the UN Global Compact and its principles; to build and scale up momentum within the business sector; and to foster enabling environments and collective action.