Every year, the UN Global Compact Network Italy produces an Activities Report intended for the UN Global Compact Office, all the business and non business actors adhering to the UN Global Compact, UNGCN Italy's internal and external stakeholders, and its partner organizations. The Report is set up as an important information-giving and communication tool concerning the Network's objectives, the governance system and the people involved as staff and contributors, the Founders but, above all, concerning the state of the implementation of the initiatives that make up the Network's activity program and the results achieved in the year referred to. Every year the Report also presents an introductory presentation and detailed update about the UN Global Compact that represents the reference framework of all the UNGCN Italy's initiatives. The document is produced in both Italian and English and is only disseminated in electronic format.


Activities Report 2022 (download)
Report sulle Attività 2022 (download)

Activities Report 2021 (download)
Report sulle Attività 2021 (download)

Activities Report 2020 (download)
Report sulle Attività 2020 (download)

Activities Report 2019 (download)
Report sulle Attività 2019 (download)

Activities Report 2018 (download)
Report sulle Attività 2018 (download)

Activities Report 2015 (download)
Report sulle Attività 2015 (download)

Activities Report 2014 (download)
Report sulle Attività 2014 (download)

Activities Report 2013 (download)
Report sulle Attività 2013 (download)