What exactly is this goal?: gender equality is not only a basic human right, but it is also the necessary basis for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Women still do not have equal representation in political, economic and public life, and they continue to be the subject of discrimination and violence. Moreover, in the workplace, they are paid lower salaries and are subject to bigger legal and cultural obstacles blocking their career paths. SDG 5 aims to guarantee women equality in access to education and medical care, in the workplace and within political and economic decision-making bodies.

Corporate role: firms are required to adopt internal policies and procedures that guarantee the same rights and job opportunities to women as their male counterparts, and to invest externally in economic empowerment programmes for women and girls, in this way fostering economic growth and social development. Further information

How to measure the corporate contribution: some indicators to evaluate corporate actions include: the total number and level of salaries of new employees and turnover rate of employees by age group, gender and region; the composition of the governing bodies; the number and type of incidents of gender-based violence (psychological and physical) that occurred in the workplace; and the percentage of employees that are evaluated regularly with regard to merit and professional performance, by gender and job category.