What exactly is this goal?: to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, it is essential to establish alliances and partnerships between different actors around the planet, from the public sector (governments), the private sector and to the civil society. These alliances must be built on shared principles and values in the pursuit of common objectives. In order to implement the 2030 Agenda, it will be necessary to take measures to mobilize and re-direct the resources of all the global players towards the growth of developing countries. Therefore SDG 17 promotes the creation of a Global Alliance for Sustainable Development, through the mobilization and exchange of knowledge, technical skills, technology and financial resources among all the actors of sustainable development so that the SDGs can be met in all the countries of the world.

Corporate role: the private sector plays a key role in achieving this SDG, by establishing partnerships for sustainable development with the public sector, civil society, universities and companies, aligning the new global agenda with corporate objectives and by investing greater amounts of resources in developing countries. The corporate world’s skills and ability to innovate and to progress technologically are fundamental to the effective attainment of SDGs. Further information

How to measure the corporate contribution: some indicators to evaluate corporate actions include: the resources invested in research and development; the spending allocated to the promotion of sustainable development; the significant indirect economic impacts and their scope; the total investment in renewable energy and the environment; and the number of multi-stakeholder alliances that are created and the outputs/outcomes that are produced.