The Giro d’Italia CSR, the Italian tour within the 7th edition of the Salone CSR and social innovation,opened in Turin on January 30, 2019. The event – promoted by Bocconi University, CSR Manager Network, Global Compact Network Italy, ASviS, Fondazione Sodalitas, Unioncamere, Koinètica –  is an awaited appointment for those working on sustainability, social innovation and CSR, and is considered the most important event dedicated to these topics in Italy. Thanks to a comprehensive cultural program, characterized by an interdisciplinary approach, the event provides in-depth information and updates on strategies and sustainability tools for businesses and other organizations. This year, the focus is on the “areas of sustainability”.

“It is precisely the areas of sustainability that we want to put at the center of our path in 2019, with the seventh edition of the Salone CSR and social innovation: from Turin to Catania, and then Milan, where the national edition will be held on October 1-2 at Bocconi University – explains Rossella Sobrero, part of the promoting Group of the event – the Salone will be a journey through Italy to discover innovative experiences and the national territory as a physical space to preserve and promote, but also as an ideal space to cultivate so that sustainability becomes a shared value for all. All this to set the course for a more responsible future”.

The cultural programme of the Salone includes seminars, events, book and research presentations, and is divided into 6 thematic paths: Collaborative alliances; Unexpected imaginaries, Cultural influences, Technology and innovation; Human Capital; Territories and Natural Capital.

A journey through sustainability issues that will give the opportunity to assess recent and ongoing projects, visions and commitments for the future.



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