The event was organized by the United Nations Global Compact in collaboration with the Global Compact Network Argentina and brought together local and global leaders representing firms, civil society, governments, and the UN Global Compact local networks, with the aim of catalysing the action and impact on the 10 Principles and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In view of the next global meeting - which will be held during the second half of the year and will be dedicated to a discussion on the progress made at national level on the implementation of the SDGs - Making Global Goals Local Business – Argentina represented an opportunity for firms all over the world to take an active part in sharing the current status recorded throughout Latin America with regard to the pursuit of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Argentina, in particular, is a good example of multi-stakeholder collaboration in support of the Global Goals, from which all those present were able to take insights and inspiration.

Making Global Goals Local Business - Argentina was held in the city of Buenos Aires on 25th and 26th April and was characterized by:

  • the presentation of concrete examples describing how companies, Local Networks and the United Nations collaborate to generate an impact at local level considering the priority SDGs
  • sharing the progress recorded by firms in Latin America in terms of promoting sustainable development
  • the opportunity for companies to come into direct contact with representatives of Local Networks that are active all over the world
  • the launch of the interactive digital version of Blueprint for Business Leadership on SDGs
  • the launch of the UN Global Compact SDGs Pioneers 2018 campaign

The international conference was preceded by two days of meetings some of them operational ones, that brought together all the local international networks and colleagues from the Global Compact Office in New York (in presence of Lise KINGO, Executive Director UN Global Compact). It was an important moment of debate and alignment aimed at strengthening the operational and strategic support that the "One Global Compact" offers and will offer to its members all over the world. In this context, ample space was left forsharing good practices that, among the Local Networks, have distinguished themselves in terms of the local and global impact generated. It is with pleasure that the Italian Network, called to intervene on two occasions, had the opportunity to share its course taken with reference to SupplyChain Sustainability and to the engagement strategies developed in order to strengthen and promote the new, global governance model.

The Global Compact Network Italy participated in the four days of work with their delegation - President Marco FREY and Program Manager & Analyst Margherita MACELLARI.

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