The world leaders in sustainability will be meeting again in New York on 21st September at the initiative of the United Nations Global Compact.

At the UNGC Leaders Summit 2017, particular attention will be paid to the theme of public private partnerships for achieving the 2030 Global Goals. A consideration shared at the highest level on the ways to ensure a wider, more meaningful and effective engagement of businesses, institutions and stakeholder organizations in global action for sustainable development will be promoted and developed within the Summit.

The Global Compact will provide, in support of this work, a first update on the performance of the Action Platforms which were launched at the international meeting about "Making Global Goals Local Business - India" in April in New Delhi.

During the Leaders Summit, several awards will also be presented (SDG Pioneers, Project Breakthrough and Global Opportunity Explorer) to the ambitious leaders and innovators of sustainability from all over the world.

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Video-racconto del quinto SDG Forum

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