CSR Manager Network renews in 2016 its cultural and educational path dedicated to SMEs on issues of sustainability.

The domestic sector which accounts for over 90% of the actors is extremely diverse. Corporate sustainability can be a strategic tool for positioning and penetration of new markets and jobs.

Even large companies are demanding more at their supply chains to review their processes and products but most of these issues are often, and wrongly, considered concepts next only to "big" industry or multinationals.

The training plan began in June 2015 with a meeting on tools and strategies to measure SMEs sustainability.

The initiative has been successful and three seminars, held between October and November (the value of sustainability in the relationship with customers and production processes, communicating sustainability: an opportunity for SMEs, sustainability for SMEs and discuss new business models).

The action with which the CSR Manager Network aims to bring the small and medium-sized to sustainability issues continues in 2016 with new and different activities (training, workshops, focus groups, etc.).

The events are free attendance for members and for a limited number of external persons.

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