ingranaggioOn 29th October the training day on the fight against corruption in firms was held at the headquarters of Siemens in Milan which was organized by the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation and delivered by Ernst&Young experts on the subject.
The event enjoyed an extensive and lively participation of Network members, having been extended to participants outside the "Anti-Corruption" Working Group.
The day began with a welcome message from Siemens and then continued with the main "lecture" and debate among the participants.

The main topics were the following:

  • the risk of corruption present in Italy and comparisons with the situation in other countries;
  • corruption in the private sector;
  • illustration of the main patterns of the risk of corruption as a crime;
  • implementation of effective systems of internal control/corporate intelligence, policies to combat corruption as well as investigative techniques in case of the discovery of a fraudulent event.

Given the positive results of the training initiative, when the "Anti-corruption" Working Group next met after this meeting, it decided that the planning of future training sessions on issues whose importance was highlighted by the "Matrix of corporate risk areas of corruption" which it had developed would be highly valued.


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