UniCredit published its Sustainability Report since 2000 and this year the Group published its first Integrated Report. “The sustainable creation of value is core to our strategy, and our people are 100-percent committed to this goal. Our work and investment choices are all carried out with this in mind, with the aim of enhancing all of our capitals: financial, intellectual, human, social and relationship, and natural, said UniCredit’s CEO, Federico Ghizzoni.

At UniCredit, value creation derives from the use the Group makes of our capitals, which support our 2013-2018 Strategic Plan. The Integrated Report 2014 aims to describe the Group’s financial and sustainability performance: our Purpose and Identity, a view of the context in which the Group operates including the ongoing macroeconomic situation, the major trends in the banking sector (i.e.: digitalization) as well as the wellbeing and competitiveness of Group’s communities. Finally, it focuses in particular on UniCredit’s strategy and use of different types of capital to generate value over time.

The major capitals that the Group depends on for its success and impacts through its activities, products and services are composed as follows: Financial, Human, Social and relationship, Intellectual and Natural capital. Moreover, as value creation also means evaluating our impacts extensively, the Group has become ever more aware of the vital role it plays in the real economies of the countries where it operates. A responsible approach guides everything UniCredit does, from its core banking activities to its corporate citizenship and philanthropy initiatives.

Link to the Integrated Report 2014



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