Officinæ Verdi (OV), Energy Efficiency Group created in 2011 by JV UniCredit - WWF, during its first two years of operation achieved significant goals in terms of sustainability, thanks to a business model focused on energy efficiency, advanced metering platforms, economic and financial sustainable investments and a “no incentives” vision aimed to develop medium-long term value for enterprises focused on the analysis of needs and on self-consumption of energy.

Currently, OV Group operates in holding as Management Company and Advisor for developing “Green Economy Applied” investments, combining financial and technological know-how in the energy sector, with a consolidated expertise on complex investment projects for energy-intensive sectors.

With a volume of investments generated in energy efficiency and GreenTech sector in Italy and Europe equal to 93,4M€ between 2013&2014, Officinæ Verdi can nowadays lay claim to a consistent portfolio of assets which it manages and monitors (465 plants, with an approximate value of 927M€). Such investments are the result of research and development activities with the objectives of measuring operations (3,8% R&D investments with respect to arranged ones).

Besides economic indicators, other two indices significantly describe the company activities: the Social Impact Index, which amounts to 3.748 direct and indirect green jobs generated by OV managed projects, and CO2 impact index, which amounts to 391.906 tons of CO2 reduced because of investments and managed asset.

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Interview with Fabrice Houdart, OHCHR
"Businesses and LGBTI People"
Milan, October 30, 2018

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