“A focus on the environment, social development and economic sustainability are three key factors for the growth of a global player in the energy sector. In Enel we believe in innovation to meet the needs of our customers, offering new products and energy services to promote the social and environmental development of communities and generate shared long-term value.” (Francesco Starace - Enel, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager).

The Enel Sustainability Report 2014, which this year also includes the Environmental Report, discloses a rich and sustainable year: the position of Enel in the world of the new organizational structure, the results achieved in the various areas of the Group, to the projects of shared and inclusive value creation with the communities in which we operate, to goals yet to be achieved and in the sustainability plan 2015-2019.

Since 2012, in recognition of the most latest international trends, Enel started a process to identify, assess and weigh relevant issues and expectations of the various stakeholders, matching them against the industrial strategy, using the means and processes with which the Company is meeting
their expectations.
The confirmation of Enel at the top of the Sustainability Indexes is a clear sign of excellence, recognized by markets and investors, who are increasingly recognizing the value of a Company that makes sustainability a driver for innovation and growth.

Attached to the Sustainability Report this year the pamphlet named “Sustainability is our journey” which illustrates the main results achieved with a view of new challenges.



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Interview with Fabrice Houdart, OHCHR
"Businesses and LGBTI People"
Milan, October 30, 2018

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