For the third year in a row Atlantia presents to its stakeholder a document based on an integrated strategy and vision of the value creation process. The document is grafted on  the valuable experiences of 2012 and 2013, providing a general picture of the Group’s activities, including the value creation strategy, governance and performance in the social, environmental, and financial framework in which the Group operates. Specific goals and measurable and concrete actions are also provided. In comparison with the previous editions, important innovative elements have been introduced. First of all, the 2014 Report fully takes into consideration the effects arising from the corporate changes which occurred at the end of 2013 with the integration of the Aeroporti di Roma. These effects have been duly considered and the motorway and airport sectors have, therefore, been integrated in a single business model.

Moreover, the 2014 edition conforms with the new international guidelines for sustainability reporting, G4, provided by the Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI), published in 2013, and aligned with the OECD standard, the UNGC principles and the GHG Protocol. Such guidelines were adopted a year before officially coming into force. The new standard highlights the role of Governance, the responsible management of the supply chain, and above all, it underlines the materiality principle, i.e. the identification of relevant issues through the involvement of internal and external stakeholders. An issue is considered relevant for the company on the basis of its economic, environmental or social impact/influence. For those issues considered of most relevance, reporting has focused on the analysis of financial, infrastructural, social and environmental capital, which increases the strategic value of the report as well as its credibility and ease of use. The goal is to provide all stakeholders with useful and credible liable information.        




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Interview with Fabrice Houdart, OHCHR
"Businesses and LGBTI People"
Milan, October 30, 2018

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