• Ceo Roundtable on a Gender Equality Future of Work, 12 marzo 2020, 64° Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), UN HQ New York
  • UN Ocean Conference, 2-6 giugno 2020, Lisbona
  • UN Global Compact Leaders Summit, 15-16 giugno 2020, UN HQ New York
  • High-Level Political Forum, 9-16 luglio 2020, UN HQ New York
  • UN General Assembly, settembre 2020, UN HQ New York
  • Making Global Goals Local Business Regional Events

UNGC SDGs ACADEMY (solo per Partecipanti)

  • Developing an Integrated Health, Environment and Climate Strategy for Your Company, 9 gennaio 2020
  • The Basics of Business and Human Rights for Every Company, 29 gennaio 2020
  • Special Briefing: Eliminating Harassment and Violence in the World of Work, 13 febbraio 2020
  • Managing Corporate Sustainability Performance Through the New SDG Action Manager, 27 febbraio 2020
  • How to Set a Science-Based Target to Achieve Net-Zero, 4 marzo 2020
  • Creating an Inclusive Environment for LGBTI Workers, 12 marzo 2020
  • How to Advance Gender Equality in the Workplace, Marketplace and the Community, 17 marzo 2020
  • How Procurement Decisions Can Advance Decent Work in Supply Chains, 31 marzo 2020

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