• Conference "The SDGs: Experiences and Progresses on Their Implementation in Europe" (October 25th, Rome)

    The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), represents a culmination of more than four decades of multilateral dialogue and debate on tackling environmental, social and economic challenges faced by the world community. It is the most comprehensive and shared blueprint to date for eliminating extreme poverty, reducing inequality, and protecting the planet.
    The 2030 Agenda is universal in scope and commits all countries, irrespective of their income levels and development status, to contribute towards a comprehensive effort towards sustainable development. It also calls for the participation of all segments of society to contribute to its implementation: governments, businesses and civil society actors are considered as equally responsible for progressing and achieve it.
    The Sustainable Development Goals reflects many of the European Union's priorities for sustainable development. They pose a unique opportunity for Europe and its Member States to generate real sustainable impact towards an innovative, prosperous and inclusive society.
    For this reason the EU is committed to be a frontrunner in implementing them both in its internal and external policies and many of its Member States and the European continent at large are proceeding in the same direction. Likewise, both business and civil society organizations in Europe have explicitly expressed their commitment towards the 2030 Agenda and its Goals and have already started to work on this direction.

  • GCNI e MAECI insieme per gli SDGs: Report della Conferenza “The Sustainable Development Goals: Experiences and Progresses on Their Implementation in Europe”

    Il 25 ottobre scorso, il Global Compact Network Italia ha organizzato, in collaborazione con il Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione internazionale (MAECI), la Conferenza “The Sustainable Development Goals: Experiences and Progresses on Their Implementation in Europe”(programma) presso il Palazzo della Farnesinaa Roma.

    Obiettivo principale dell’iniziativa era quello di consentire una riflessione congiunta, fra i membri del composito panel di speaker e fra questi ed il pubblico presente, sulle policy ed i trendsinora registrati a supporto dell’Agenda 2030in diversi settori ed a vari livelli, nonché sulle opportunità future in termini di avvio di nuove partnership multistakeholder per i Global Goals.

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