Starting on 25 February, 2011, all business participants must upload their COPs on the UN Global Compact website within 1 year from the date of accession (attention: participants who joined before July 1st 2009 have still two years from the date of accession to load their COP).

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All business participants that have submitted a Communication on Progress (COP) will be classified in one of two categories, based on a self-assessment of the COP's content:

  • GC Active level: is for companies that produce a COP which meets all minimum requirements (statement by the chief executive expressing continued support, description of practical actions and measurement of outcomes). A business participants can use the Global Compact basic model or the GRI Guidelines G3.1 as frameworks of rerefence for the COP production. See the GC basic format
  • GC Advanced level: is for companies that produce a COP which meets all minimum requirements and information is provided in the self-assessment on additional advanced criteria in the following areas: Implementing the Ten Principles into Strategies&Operations; Taking Action in Support of Broader UN Goals and Issues; Corporate Sustainability Governance and Leadership.  All COPs based on the Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership and the UN Global Compact Management Model will be considered Advanced.

          Read the 21 Advanced Criteria

: Companies whose COPs do not meet the minimum COP requirements will be given a one-time, 12-month "Learner" grace period from the date of submission of their COP to submit a new COP that meets all minimum requirements. The Global Compact Office will provide active support and assistance through the Learner Platform.

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