When joining the Global Compact, companies make a commitment to issue an annual Communication on Progress (COP), a public disclosure to stakeholders (e.g., investors, consumers, civil society and Governments) on progress made in implementing the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, and in supporting broad UN development goals.
All business participants are required to post their COP on the Global Compact website and to share it widely with their stakeholders.
The COP is the most important expression of a participant's commitment to the Global Compact and its principles. Violations of the COP policy (e.g., failure to issue a COP) will result in the change in participant status to non-communicating and, after one year of non-communicating status, can eventually lead to the expelling of the participant. To adhere the initiative again, the companies must follow the application process from the beginning and post their COP at the same time. (Please note that the COP Policy does not apply to non-business participants, although many choose to develop a COP.)
Three steps for a successful COP:

Step 1: Producing a COP

Step 2: Sharing the COP with the stakeholders

Step 3: Posting the COP on the UN Global Compact web-site


Download the UN Global Compact COP Policy



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