The Global Compact Network Italy Foundation co-organized the Workshop on "Natural capital: accounting and accountability of the actors" on the first of the two days during which they structured the States General of the Green Economy scheduled for 5th and 6th November 2014 in Rimini. The material of the Worskhop is now available on-line.
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On Tuesday 9th September a day of consultation on the subject of Agenda Post 2015 sponsored by CONCORD and GCAP Italy, the coalition against poverty, was held at the European Parliament building in Rome. The aim of the meeting was to reflect on the role played by Europe and Italy - especially during the European Semester of Presidency - in the process of defining a fair and sustainable future from 2015 onwards. If on the one hand the efforts of the Open Working Group (OWG) - the United Nations working group dedicated to drafting the framework to include the future SDGs - was to define the priority areas and the Sustainable Development Goals, on the other it will be the duty of the institutions, civil society and the private sector to identify the practices required to carry them out. The private sector, in particular, is called upon to rethink their role and redefine their business model to one of a more "circular" and collaborative viewpoint over the next fifteen years. Among the most debated points there are some critical situations that characterize the document being presented till now by the OWG, which to many seems to have an encyclopaedic nature, listing the critical issues, missing the goal of building a "common language" that knows how to define the real priorities for sustainable development in the future. For this reason the importance of continuing the work of discussion and integration as much as possible has been emphasized. The Vice-President of GCNI Foundation, Sabina Ratti, attended. She cited the fundamental role of the private sector in a process in which the search is no longer for principles but for concrete solutions. The tools to be put to use clearly include collaboration, but also the measurement and monitoring of practices implemented, in order to start a new path made of concrete results and continuous improvement.

Recognizing the importance that the supply chain plays in contributing to the improvement of sustainability performance and corporate competitiveness, the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation has promoted the creation of a platform aimed at supporting organizations in the collection and sharing of information on their suppliers’ sustainability practices. This was how the TenP – Sustainable Supply Chain Self-Assessment Platform was created, an innovative tool that allows companies to develop a supply chain approach in their strategies and business policies and to address the emerging challenges of sustainability through the development of collective solutions. The TenP Platform presentation event will be held on 10th November in Milan, at La Casa dell’Energia e dell’Ambiente (Piazza Po, 3). The event will begin at 10:30 a.m.

Participation is by invitation only.
For further information write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Global Compact Network Italy Foundation will co-organize a workshop on "Natural capital: accounting and accountability of the actors" on the first of the two days during which they will structure the States General of the Green Economy scheduled for 5th and 6th November in Rimini. The event is one of the thematic sessions, which this year will feature the States General. In the coming weeks a background paper will be prepared by the National Council of the Green Economy Working Groups that are expert in the topic: the group coordinated by Marco Frey working on "sustainable finance and credit for a green economy" and the group led by Roberto Coizet on "ecosystem services", which will be the subject for discussion and sharing. At the workshop, participation from four different categories is expected: service ecosystems researchers, economists (especially corporate) who deal with accounting and economic evaluation of biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES), businesses and organizations who are experimenting with innovative practices in this field as well as the institutions involved in these processes. The Global Compact Network Italy Foundation will engage the member organizations and those active in the Working Group on "sustainable finance and credit" in the debate.

In September Sofidel, which is among the world's leading manufacturers of paper for hygienic and domestic use, as well as “Promoting Founder" member of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation (GCNI Foundation), joined the project developed within the "Sustainable Supply - Chain" GCNI Foundation Working Group thus becoming Corporate Partner of the TenP - Sustainable Supply Chain Self-Assessment Platform. The TenP Platform is the tool created by the foundation with the support of A2A, Acea, Ansaldo STS, Edison, Eni, Italcementi Group, Nestlé Italiana, to assist member companies in the collection of information on the sustainability performance of their suppliers, with the aim of using this information to identify common challenges and solutions to improve sustainability within their supply chains. It was created with reference to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, and takes into account the most relevant standards and international conventions in the field of corporate sustainability. The Foundation, therefore, welcomes Sofidel as one of the TenP Project Partners!

A series of webinars on reporting tools promoted by the United Nations Global Compact will start in October. The first meeting, scheduled for Thursday, 23rd October from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon, will focus on the technical aspects related to producing the Communications on Progress (COP) and the method of sharing them with the company's stakeholders. The meeting will be dedicated to firms that do not have extensive experience in producing documents for sustainability reporting. Two further meetings will be organized in the following months, the first focused on the Communications on Engagement (COE), the second in detail on the qualification criteria of the COP as Advanced. After registration, the participation in the webinars is open to all the Italian companies and organizations participating in the United Nations Global Compact and is cost-free. For more information, write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The annual Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) CEO Leadership Awards recognize business leaders for their exceptional championship of gender equality and innovative concrete actions taken to advance the WEPs, particularly Principle 1: Leadership Promotes Gender Equality. Award recipients will have the opportunity to speak about their commitment at a ceremony held during the WEPs Annual Event in March 2015. For further information on the iniziative and for submission of application, please click here

The deadline for applying is on November 14th, 2014.

A Memorandum of Intent was signed on 8th May in Rome by Prof. Marco Frey, President of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation, and Prof. Giovanni Pitruzzella, Chairman of the Italian Antitrust Authority. It commits the two organizations to working together to spread the Legality Rating among Italian companies. The Legality Rating, the Regulation of which was approved by the Antitrust Authority by its own sanction in November 2012, is an instrument for the promotion of legal and ethical principles in order to maximize safety and competitiveness in business activities, creating a system of incentives for firms that abide by the law and align themselves with the highest standards of ethical/social and/or governance by adapting their organizations in an appropriate way. On the basis of the provisions in the Memorandum of Intent, the GCNI Foundation is committed to: promoting the use of the "Rating" among their members as a tool in the field of the autonomous activity of pre-qualification and/or ethical qualification for business partners (e.g. suppliers and customers); encouraging subscribing companies to submit their application to the Antitrust Authority to obtain the "Rating"; promoting joint activities with the Antitrust Authority regarding companies (and potentially also between them and their business partners) to facilitate a common understanding of the "Rating" and "Regulations ", explaining the basic requirements for its access and the relative benefits of that, also providing useful clarifications to facilitate and encourage the submission of the application for obtaining the "Rating"; conducting surveys to gather comments and/or suggestions about how to improve the effectiveness of the Legality Rating Regulations, aiming to highlight possible areas for improvement if necessary and as concerns the Authority. For further information, write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

A new meeting of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation’s "Anti-Corruption" Working Group will be held on Thursday, 18th September, 2.30pm - 4.30pm. The meeting will take place as a web-meeting in order to facilitate the participation of the organizations involved in the activities. After the first phase of the in-depth analysis (focusing on "corporate policies and procedures for the management of agents, consultants and intermediaries"), the Working Group will prepare to launch a new phase of benchmarking focused on "corporate policies and procedures for the granting of gifts and representation or hospitality expenses, including travel promotion or organization of trips for third parties." On the agenda are the corporate statements on this topic by ABB, Siemens and Eni. The importance of both of the first two themes selected by the Group has been highlighted by the "Matrix corporate risk areas" which it produced during the first months of activity. For more information on the activities of the "Anti-Corruption" Working Group, click here

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has convened the UN Private Sector Forum during the opening session of the General Assembly since 2008, in order to allow the voice of the private sector to be heard in inter-governmental debates on key topics. This year, the UN Private Sector Forum will be held during the high-level luncheon of the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Summit. The theme of this year’s Forum will be carbon pricing, focusing on actions that the public and private sectors can take in order to achieve an equitable and fair valuation of carbon through long-term strategies, investments and policies. Convened by the UN Global Compact in close cooperation with the World Bank Group, and with the support of UN partners, the Private Sector Forum will provide a unique platform for Governments and businesses to demonstrate their leadership on climate change.
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The Global Compact Network Italy Foundation Board of Directors met on July 1st and reviewed and approved the application for membership submitted to the Foundation by Salini Impregilo S.p.A. and OSRAM S.p.A. (for the acquisition of "Founding Members" status) and GDF SUEZ Energia S.p.A Italy (for the acquisition of "Participant" status). Also at the same meeting the Executive Council validated A2A S.p.A.’s application to formalize their status as a "Participant" (the company has in fact participated in the program activities of the Foundation since its establishment on June 10th, 2013). To see the list of the GCNI Foundation adhering organizations, click here

The XII Annual Local Networks Forum of the United Nations Global Compact was held from 10th to 12th June in Addis Ababa. The meeting aimed to lay the foundations for the start of a process of growth of the Global Compact in countries around the world, through enhancing UNGC governance measures  and the presentation of new tools and guidelines to strengthen the potential of local networks in their daily activities, and this has led to important results, including the adoption of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The new MoU includes measures to: (1) require annual activity and financial reporting from networks; (2) improve alignment with the Global Compact integrity measures, particularly concerning logo usage and dialogue facilitation; and (3) strengthen support to local networks by outlining 18 responsibilities of the Global Compact Office, including increased communication and disclosure about activities and finances, and support to local networks through recruitment and participant training. In addition, during the Forum, new tools and resources such as the Global Compact Local Network Report 2013were presented which accurately describe the initiatives implemented by the Local Networksand the results achieved by those on the path towards promoting global corporate sustainability.
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The Global Compact Network Italy Foundation is pleased to present its first Activities Report, which refers to the period dating from the establishment of the Foundation on 10th June 2013 until 31st December 2013. The Report is set up as an important information-giving and communication tool concerning the Foundation's objectives, the state of the implementation of the initiatives that make up the Foundation's activity program and the results achieved in the year referred to. The Report is produced in both Italian and English.

The United Nations Global Compact has facilitated the development of voluntary Food and Agriculture Business Principles (FAB Principles), which offer a framework for principle-based partnerships between companies, the UN, Governments and other stakeholders on sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition. The FAB Principles are the outcome of a broad and inclusive multi-stakeholder process. Over 20 consultations have been conducted globally, including more than 1,000 businesses, UN agencies and civil society organizations involved in agriculture, nutrition and food systems. To learn more, click here

The Annual Meeting of the Members of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation was held in Rome on May 9th at the Headquarters of Acea S.p.A.. The representatives of organizations that subscribe to the Foundation as "Participants" also took part in this meeting as "observers". The meeting was chaired by Marco Frey, President of the Foundation. After a comprehensive update on the activities completed and those being implemented, the Founding Members were invited to give an evaluation on the draft final balance of the Foundation 31.12.2013 which was presented during the meeting. The vote concluded with the approval of the document.

A new meeting of the Working-Group "Reporting" of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation will be held on April 29th, from 10.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.. The meeting will take place by video-conference link between the two venues of FEEM – Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei in Milan and Eni in Rome. In accordance with the planning of activities commonly defined by the organizations involved, in occasion of the meeting a process of comparison between the participants, focused on processes, methodologies and experiences related to the principle of materiality, will start in order to facilitate the companies in the analysis and declination of the same.

For several years, the Global Compact Network Italy (since June 2013, Global Compact Network Italy Foundation) and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) have collaborated on the themes of corporate responsibility and sustainability. As part of this partnership, the MAE invited Prof. Marco Frey to take part, as President of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation, in the multi-stakeholder Steering Committee involved in defining “A Foreign Policy for Sustainability”. The Steering Committee was established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - DG Globalization and Global Issues and is composed of representatives of: the most relevant Italian Ministries (Agriculture, Economic Development, Environment, Research and Universities, Welfare), the Inter-ministerial Committee for Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises Italian National Contact Point (based within the Ministry for Economic Development), Academia (e.g., the GOLDEN Network for Sustainability; the United Nations Center for Mediterranean Sustainable Solutions Network, the Bocconi University in Milan, the Tor Vergata University in Rome), the business world (the CSR Managers Network), big corporations like Enel, Eni, Ferrero, Pirelli, Telecom Italia and Terna. During the first meeting of the Steering Committee, held in Rome on February 25th, Fulvio Rossi, Sustainability Manager of Terna and member of the Board of Directors of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation, participated on behalf of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation. The main objectives of the meeting were to discuss the cornerstones of the “Foreign Policy for Sustainability”, organizing thematic panels to prepare an international event to be held during the current year. The four fields of interest proposed were: a) foreign policy for sustainability: an overarching agenda; b) sustainable development goals: a governance challenge shared by everyone; c) charting the course forward: cross-sector initiatives (government, business, academia); d) new business models for a sustainable (also human rights responsive) enterprise: the road ahead. The Global Compact Network Italy Foundation will be particularly involved in the last topic mentioned. The decision about the event date has been postponed, while the Steering Committee’s function as permanent forum has been underlined. The Committee will be in charge of the coordination on the one hand between different associations, academic institutions and businesses, and on the other between different public entities.

update active directoryStarting 1 January 2014, there has been an update to the Global Compact Logo Policy. This update will clarify the criteria used in reviewing requests to use the "We support the Global Compact" logo made by business participants. The new criteria include a requirement that business participants will have made an annual contribution to the Foundation for the Global Compact in the preceding twelve months in order to use the "We support the Global Compact" logo. The contextualized COP logo will continue to be available for download and use within a Participant's COP without prior permission from the UN Global Compact Office. View Logo Policy update effective 1 January 2014

A meeting between the organizations involved in the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation’s "Environment" Working Group and several representatives of the Ministry of Environment, also including the Director General of the Protection of Nature from the Ministry who attended the last part of the meeting, was held on February 26th in Rome. The meeting, proposed by the above Ministry, was aimed at launching a joint reflection on the theme of "Measuring investment in biodiversity". This in-depth study, which took place in Aichi, is part of the global Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) that established a series of objectives on the topic. The Ministry has additionally decided to begin to reflect and gear up at national level, also in view of the of UE Italian Presidency Term, when our country will coordinate the EU presence at the next CBD Conference of the Parties (Korea, October 2014 ). As well as Mark Frey, who took part in the meeting on behalf of the Foundation GCNI, it was attended by representatives of ACEA, Enel, Eni, Italcementi, KPMG, UniCredit. They presented an overview of the resources (financial and otherwise) of their respective companies invested in projects and initiatives to protect biodiversity and with which specific purposes. The meeting was also attended by the Foundation for Sustainable Development as an observer of the work. In view of the synergetic interaction between the two initiatives, the path of study with the Ministry of Environment will develop in parallel alongside the work of the Foundation’s "Environment" Group, committed to the theme of "The ecosystem services in business management".

The last web-meeting of the “Anti-Corruption” Working-Group of the Global Compact Network Italy Foundation was held on the 27th of February. The organizations belonging to the Group met with the twofold aim of: taking stock of the situation on the production of the single version of "Matrix of corporate risk areas of corruption" and proposing the latest changes and additions to the document with a view to finalizing the activity in progress; activating the path of sharing on business policies and practices on anti-corruption with regard to the areas of risk identified by the Matrix and considered most relevant by the Group by the presentation of the first three case-studies. With regard to this second point, Eni, Italcementi and Siemens Italia (three companies active in the Group) opened an avenue of in depth-analysis presenting a case-study focusing on the topic chosen during the last meeting, namely that of "corporate policies and procedures for the management of agents, advisers and intermediaries”. During the next meeting, to be held in April, the Group will share their knowledge and business practices centered on another topic highlighted by the Matrix. For further information on the activities of the “Anti-Corruption” Working-Group, click here



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