The Global Compact Office will attend the third and last meeting of the Collective Action “Unchain the Chain” on the theme of Supply Chain Sustainability
Thursday 28 March 2019

The third and final stage of the Collective Action “Unchain the Chain” – coordinated by Global Compact Network Italia (GCNI) since May 2018, focusing on the theme of sustainable supply chain management – will be held in Rome on March 28, starting from 11:00 am.

Special guest of the meeting will be Mari-Lou DUPONT - Senior Consultant at UN Global Compact and contact person of the Action Platform on “Decent Work in Global Supply Chains” - who will present,  during the morning, the new “Engagement Toolkit for Sustainable Procurement”. The Toolkit was developed by Global Compact to encourage Purchasing Offices of companies (and, consequently, company's suppliers) to take action to improve the conditions of workers operating within supply chains, by concretely integrating Human Rights in their decisions and daily activities.

Subsequently, Global Compact Network Italy will launch the CALL “COMMITMENT TO ACTIONS” addressed to Heads of Purchasing Offices who will attend the meeting. By agreeing to sign the Commitment, divided into 6 points, companies will be able to express – publicly and clearly – their commitment to the principles of communication, transparency, engagement, leadership, collaboration and responsibility in the protection of Human Rights and Labour Rights within their supply chains.

In the second part of the stage, Alessia SABBATINO - Secretary General of GCNI, will deliver the third module of the Playbook developed by Global Compact on the theme of transparency in the sustainable management of the supply chain.

Given the relevance of themes of the meeting and the presence of colleagues from the Global Compact Office in New York, participation will be open to all Italian members of the UNGC.

The Collective Action “Unchain the Chain”, conceived and managed by GCNI in a multi-stakeholder logic, was attended by 25 representatives from Italian business and non-business organizations and was characterized by the following general objectives:
» to encourage and strengthen the development of strategies, policies and tools for sustainable supply chain management among the participants;
» to stimulate the sharing of good practices and experiences between companies and non-profit organizations.

For further information on the entire Collective Action and/or its final meeting, please write to Dr. Margherita MACELLARI: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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